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Best inversion table review for reducing back pain


Do you know about inversion therapy? Many people depend on inversion therapy to reduce their back pain. They use the inversion table for therapy. In this type of treatment, no need hanging upside down or you don’t have to use inversion boots. Though, inversion boots popular to the people who are athletic or an expert. If you want to know details about best inversion table, read this guide on best inversion table reviews.


Best inversion table reviews

There are different types of best rated inversion table available in the market. Before purchase inversion table you have to consider few criteria. For example, comfort, backboard, stability, flexibility, structure, weight capacity. Besides, safety is another important thing that you have to concern about. Also, the price is another major issue. You should choose such an inversion table that its features and facilities are excellent matches with its price.


Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The table has inversion angles with five different positions. The corner with slot helps you to adjust. The five positions let you modify the degree without having any trouble. Just put the pin in the position as you want. Thus, can stay safe and secure each time while you use the table. Without place the pin you should not use the table.

The table is 1.5-inch squire steel that is made of heavy gauge. The table holds the person with the 300-pound weight. It provides extra-long and extra-wide backrest with padding which is good for your comfort and support. The true balance system of the table gives you a safe and comfortable inversion with ergonomic ankle holding. Its feet are made of hard plastic.


Invertio Inversion Table

Invertio inversion table has the 1-1/4 steel frame. The steel frame gives it lifetime durability. Also, the table is strong and heavy. The eight position of ankle pad are adjustable and help to fit you. Moreover, they ensure your safety and security. Also, after finishing your routine, you can quickly release them. The handles of the table are padding and 40 inches in length. You will be able to invert the table to hang full upside down entirely. On the floor surface, the feet do not make marks. But you need to ensure that your floor is flat.

It has three pivot positions to control rotation speed. The pivots are covered with nylon aprons. According to your comfort, you can make the advance setting with high elastic limit straps. So, every time you can nicely invert yourself. The table is foldable that is helpful for storage. The table can hold a person with the 300-pound weight. Besides, its height limit is 4 feet 10 inch to 6 feet 6 inch.


Gracelove Inversion Therapy Table

The frame of the table is steel. That’s why it has more strength and durability. When you invert, it holds you in place with ankle clamps. The inversion table has three roller positions which let you better rotation. The cover of the table is comfortable and made of mesh material. Also, you can wipe the cover of it. If want to clean, you can remove the nylon supports pad. Besides, the table offers you a full inversion position. If want to store the table, you can fold it. It can hold the weight at 300 pounds and height 4 feet 10”- 6 feet 6”. The inversion provides you an instruction DVD, which helps you to assemble the table easily and quickly. 


The above article on best inversion table reviews, I have reviewed the tables that reduce back pain, back stress, helps posture, increase blood flexibility. Besides, they eliminate back pain and neck pain from spine’s vertebrae disks pressure.


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